Tea ‘n’ Spirits

September 25, 2018

WestEnd Kitchen & Bar debuts a brand new cocktail menu that lets guests experience tea like never before. Inspired by her travels, Creative Beverage Director Megan Cross (aka Punch Princess) uses the five basic ingredients of a good punch – strong, weak, sour, sweet, and aromatic – to create five western cocktails with an Asian twist.

Featuring High Garden Tea, these five cocktails are brought to life with twists on various tea blends.

Mezcal / Chamomile Citrus, which just happens to be Megan’s personal favorite, has dramatic strong and weak elements. The “nice and shy” chamomile is turned upside down with the addition of Ilegal Mezcal, the “party animal.” A splash of white wine is added as well just to make sure everyone gets along. Topped off with some lemon, cocchi americano, and soda water, this punch will change your perception of chamomile tea forever.

Gin / Favorite Jasmine Pearls was inspired by the Punch Princess’s two favorite things – Jasmine tea and gin. The Tanqueray 10 Gin is made bold by the addition of butterfly pea blossoms, creating a vibrant blue color in the punch. The cocktail is finished off with lemon juice and benedictine to create a perfect flavor harmony.

Bourbon / Creamsicle Oolong brings together the strong taste of black Oolong tea and the sweet flavors of orange for a unique twist. Paired with Evan Williams Bourbon and oleo saccharum, the notes of citrus make for an aroma that attracts and a taste that locks you in.

Rum / Whiskey / Firefly Cocoa Chai is a special punch inspired by Cross’s travels to Silence Bar in Japan. The moment the bartender, Tatsumi-San of Rogin’s Tavern, muddled the cherries and orange for her Old Fashioned in true southern style, Megan knew this would be the inspiration for a cocktail. With the kick of Firefly Cocoa Chai tea and a muddled cherry and orange wedge; topped off with Evan Williams Bourbon and Eldorado 8 Rum, this Old Fashioned has a familiar taste with an unfamiliar kick.

Vodka / Golden Roots Wodka Vodka and turmeric-based Golden Roots tea come together for a “lemon/ginger/pineapple cooler” that has a playful and approachable taste for both day and night. The bright orange color makes this punch a fun addition to any tea party.

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